There has always been a curiosity to know how slot machines work and when to play for profit. According to the knowledge of the current Director of the Game Research Center at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, you never know which machine is going to make a profit.

In his previous position, in which he served as part of the security team inside the facilities of a gambling center in Atlantic City, visitors always asked him for information about which slot machine he was going to hit. His response did not change over the years: “If I knew, I would not be working here anymore.”

With the experience gained, now you can explain in detail how the machines work, the reasons why users venture to play and everything related to this fascinating world of casinos and games of chance and chance. When exploring this area, secrets of utmost importance to players will be unveiled.

Undoubtedly, in the gaming centers of the United States, one of the vital parts to get money is the slot machines. There are states in which there is a 65% to 80% gain for the casinos, coming from the slots.

This percentage is higher in Las Vegas, reaching 88% in the casinos that operate locally and 50% in the local Strip, where expert bettors who play thousands of dollars in each hand, showing Special attention to the games that take place at the table.

The reasons why players place their money in the machines are very varied. Among the most outstanding is the lack of complication in use, because they are extremely simple. Simply, a coin is entered, the amount of the bet to be made is selected, the spin is pressed and the waiting for the results begins.

The different types of machines also influence, since there are models with spinning drums, known as “steppers”, others that show the reels on screen through videos with high resolution.

Regarding the form of the game called video poker; this option has the property of being able to select the cards that have the greatest advantage. In the rest of the gaming machines, chance and fortune take an important role. The factor of chance is very attractive to people.

All you have to do is place a coin and press a key to enter the world of probabilities. From there, you can be lucky enough to earn as much money as another person who has been playing in the same conditions for years. The whole secret is how lucky you are at that moment.

This is the fastest mechanism to get a significant amount of money, which is why they are the key to catch more players in the casinos. In the opinion of Bob Ambrose, management instructor and game consultant at Fairleigh Dickinson University, everything is based “on the mathematics of the game”.

The behavior of a slot machine in a game center is determined by the amount of money placed in them, which corresponds to the drop. Control is also defined, which is established by the amount of money that each person bets, according to Ambrose.

When a gambler gets $100 and, in addition, gets the maximum prize of $50, but continues to bet until running out of money, it means that the fall has been $100, adding a handle that amounts to $150, for this reason, is considered to bet more money that he places.

Once each machine cancels what corresponds to the jackpots, the rest of the money is considered the profit of the game center or the income. Each of “the payments in the slot machines is calculated statistically”.

According to Ambrose’s experience, when the turn starts, a series of numbers is generated in a random way, forming an algorithm to determine which of the turns is to win or lose; as well as, the amount of what has been earned.

Following his theory, there is a proportion in terms of the wait, the frequency and the number of payments in the slot games. When the games are not very volatile, they tend to cancel more consecutive profits although in smaller amounts, as is the case of video poker.

In the more volatile, the payments occur less frequently but are greater, representing the Megabucks, with a progressive game with millions of dollars in prizes. In general, the time of play in those with the lowest volatility is greater than in the others.

Ambrose states that “the mathematics of the game ensures that casinos generate a constant positive gain for themselves” and that “there is a statistical advantage for casinos”, with which there is no benefit for the player that can be obtained casually.

Certainly, there is a constant benefit in the slot machines, otherwise, the players would lose interest and the gaming centers would disappear. Therefore, a measure was established in each district, to return a considerable percentage to the players.

In Nevada, 85% is returned, despite the fact that a larger amount is returned when taking stock. It seems that the percentage is not very high, but it must be taken into account that a part of that amount must be available for another winner.

For Ambrose, “there must be a realistic possibility of winning. But in the long term, the advantage will always fall in favor of the casino”. So, this is the harsh reality of the machines for both the player and the game center. Remember that the house never loses, so no matter how much money you win, the casino will always get over it.